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We help leading organizations

that value high-performance teams eradicate toxicity, accelerate productivity, and decrease operational costs.

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We help leading organizations

that value high-performance teams eradicate toxicity, accelerate productivity, and decrease operational costs.

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Why Our Clients Trust Us

Executive leaders and their teams trust us to implement systems that eliminate dysfunction, increase morale, and accelerate productivity.

Our clients experience a 50% increase in retention rates within six months of implementing our proven process.

With more than 20 years of proven experience building cohesive teams, we’ve improved staff collaboration and helped teams work toward company goals by identifying and eliminating weak internal systems and maximizing the strengths of vital staff members.

Our L.E.A.D. Framework

We use a proven proprietary framework to guide our clients through tough on-the-job situations.

L.E.A.D. stands for…
  • Leverage Skills
  • Eradicate Dysfunction
  • Activate Resources
  • Deactivate Disbelief

We tackle professionalism, oral and written communication, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills so your team can focus on meaningful, results-driven work.

Watch the video and download our framework to learn more

Retention Red Flag Checklist

According to a 2021 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual turnover rate is 57 percent across all industries.

Financial losses are only one of the many costs of employee turnover. You must also consider the stalled projects that will ensue because your best and most talented employees are replaced with less experienced team members who may not be able to complete tasks with the same level of insight--leaving your projects behind schedule due to the level of support your replacement employee needs to complete a job with accuracy.

Turnover often begets more turnover. When top performers leave your company for a more desirable workplace, your company begins to atrophy in employee morale, decreased productivity, and an undesirably increased workload in the interim of you finding stellar replacements for your vacant roles.

This handy checklist will help you identify leadership and team blind spots so you can decrease turnover and increase employee engagement.

What Our Clients

Are Saying..

Before working with Transformation7 as a personal executive mentor, I was struggling to communicate key performance metrics to our team in an easily digestible manner. There are so many data points to focus on in healthcare, and I wanted to narrow down the core competencies we’d focus on in our department.

After working with Tiffany and the Transformation7 team, I’m able to confidently prepare presentations that get to the heart of what we are looking to achieve as a leader in healthcare. Navigating the moving variables in this industry can be challenging, but investing in my professional development in this way has helped me become a more compassionate, deliberate leader who can support and retain staff with the new insights I’ve been able to apply.

Kelton Jeffery

Children’s Health

Ms. Washington is a wonderful mentor and leader. She pushed me toward growth daily and nurtured the leader inside of me. In my current role as an English Language Arts Instructional Specialist, Ms. Washington helped me transform my teacher-led classroom into an interactive learning space for my scholars. Additionally, she coached me on best practices to maximize my personal development.

Ms. Washington brings expert-level knowledge into any space, and most importantly, she's passionate about preparing the next generation of leaders. I couldn't imagine this level of growth with anyone else!

Jaelynn Robinson

Houston ISD

Tiffany gives a great presentation! Our employees learned how to defend themselves in a professional way. This information will help our team be more proactive in addressing workplace bullying.

Elizabeth Klawinsky

Sam Houston State University

You helped make this conference a huge success and we hope to have you present for us in the future!

Michaelanne Dobraski

Project Coordinator, Correctional Management Institute of Texas

I hope you don’t mind, but I recommended you as a speaker for another one of our conferences. We had the option of suggesting speakers for next year, and I immediately thought of you!

Sharese Hurst

Division Director/Executive Director, Texas Jail Association