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Hire Tiffany To Speak



Hire Tiffany To Speak

Leadership Development Programs for New and Seasoned Teams Delivered In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtually!

Each training and talk is customized to meet your priority objectives. Engagement, critical thinking, and actionable steps are infused in every aspect of your experience!

Hire Tiffany To Speak

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Corporate planners have specific goals for their events. Whether it’s to inspire new teams, establish employee communication, or eradicate toxicity, Tiffany has a custom talk to fit your organizational objectives.

By delivering an upbeat yet strategic approach to creating, building, and mending teams, your staff will leave each presentation ready to take action.

You need a speaker who commands the stage, engages the audience, and leaves attendees reflecting on the content long after the event has passed.

Hiring Tiffany ensures your staff feels challenged enough to embrace change and comfortable enough to be vulnerable during hard-to-face conversations.

Hire Tiffany To Speak

Signature Talks &


The Audacity of Leadership:

Moving Toward Cohesion

  • Redefine culture and competence in the workplace
  • Discover how the elements that break teams apart also bring them together
  • Unveil the secret ingredients that cohesive teams employ to foster desirable organizations

Choose Community Over Conflict:

7 Ways to Wash Away The Bully in All of Us and Increase Team Productivity

  • Understand the key indicators of bullying and how to eliminate it
  • Eradicate dysfunction to increase workplace synergy and output
  • Discover the top seven steps for turning workplace bullies into effective and efficient team members
  • Leave with your own personal valuation and action steps to increase your workplace currency.

How to WIN at WORK

  • Identify the top qualities of high-performance career professionals and learn how to use them for internal job acceleration
  • Discover how to increase your team’s value add to drive productivity in the workplace
  • Embody the 5 mindset shifts needed to thrive in high-pressure situations

The Power of Personal L.E.A.D.ership

  • Explore the L.E.A.D. Framework and how to apply it to your personal leadership development story
  • Discover the power of building a personal brand and how 5 simple traits can either stall or advance your career
  • Walk away understanding your emotional intelligence quotient

Conflict with Class:

How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

  • Master the soft skills necessary to engage in conflict
  • Understand how to ask questions that get to the root of disagreements
  • Challenge conflict with the tools to “fight fair” and honorably engage in discourse
Hire Tiffany To Speak

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